Survey Data Processing Services

Survey Data Processing Services


Survey Data Processing – Organizations turn to quantitative and qualitative research to gain perspective on the landscape of the markets they are serving and to formulate business decisions that allow them to outpace their competitors.

Those businesses that make market research an ongoing component of their operational procedures ultimately better understand the motivations of their customers, so they are able to adjust their services in a way that stimulates higher long-term profits. Instead of blindly offering new products to customers, market research generates critical knowledge for organizations. By staying on top of key issues and identifying potential problems and risks early on, businesses can remain ahead of emerging trends and make the best business decisions for the future.

Of course, any market research, customer or product satisfaction survey, or data collection project requires a robust data processing framework that can be adjusted to conform to the needs of a particular organization at any given time, without creating too significant a cost burden. This is why many business turn to third-party survey processing companies.

As a leading provider of data entry services for the last 53 years, Chicago-based Tab Service Company has the necessary experience in survey data processing, data collection and data analysis to make any research project a success. We will work with you to make sure you get the most from your survey project, assisting in every project phase, from working with you on the development and design of the survey to providing recommendations and methods for analyzing the responses.

We understand what companies are looking for in a data entry company, so our customers are able to benefit from years of survey expertise while saving time and money with our full outsourcing solution.

Survey projects incomplete without access to data entry services

As critical as market research is, some organizations may not have the resources or time to create surveys, analyze the data and then report their findings back to business decisions makers. This is where Tab Service Company makes the difference. We provide end-to-end survey and market research support, including survey data collection services and analysis:

  • Survey Setup and Design: We can help you capture data efficiently with our advanced questionnaire and form design services.
  • Printing and Mailing Services: After your surveys have been created, the next challenge is distributing forms to recipients quickly, which is why we offer full print and mail shop services. With full-color printing, custom envelope design and cost-effective mailing options, we ensure that your surveys attract the attention of recipients, at an affordable cost.
  • Web-based Surveys: If you’d rather not send surveys through the mail, we offer full service internet surveys. From questionnaire set-up, through online distribution, data capture services and analysis, we will work to ensure your survey results meet your survey data analysis needs.
  • Survey Scanning Services: Our advanced data capture system allows us to process paper surveys through scanning services that use advanced OMR (Optical Mark Recognition), OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) techniques.
  • Survey Data Entry Services: In many cases, manual data entry is the most effective way to collect data from surveys. Our professional data entry operators are fast and we offer guaranteed accuracy rates. We offer output formats for a variety of software packages including SPSS, Microsoft Excel and SAS.
  • Comment Coding and Entry:  A valuable source of information from surveys are open-ended comments. We will work with you to develop response coding categories plus train our coding staff on any industry specific terms in order to get the most from your open-ended survey comments.
  • Statistical Reporting:  Our experienced staff is here to help with presentation quality reports including frequency analysis, cross tabulations, etc.

Why look anywhere else than to Tab Service Company for survey data processing needs?

From our 53 years of experience with data entry services to our reputation as a leading data processing company with a proven reputation and national footprint, Tab Service Company is the ideal partner for any organization with document scanning, survey processing, and survey data management needs.