PDF Scanning Services

PDF Scanning Services


PDF Scanning – The digitization of documents has accelerated the speed at which they are shared, as well as their reach. No longer do you need to wait for your daily mail delivery to receive an important document. With just a few clicks, documents can be viewed or downloaded from email attachments and countless other means of transmission, allowing information to be shared easily.

Of course, none of this is possible without the help of a document scanning company, which can convert an organization’s hard paper files to a digital format. In many cases, files are converted to Portable Document Format (PDF), which is the most widely used electronic format in litigation, technical and reference documents, and research materials. It is also the best method for distributing documents or publishing them to the Web.

At Tab Service Company, we offer document scanning services for a fraction of in-house costs. We offer high-quality PDF services at very competitive prices, without the expenses of in-house equipment, software licensing and staff training. Using the latest production scanning equipment and leading-edge document processing software, Tab Service Company offers a complete set of PDF conversion and data scanning services, making us one of the leading document digitization companies.

For more than 53 years, Tab Service Company, a leading document scanning company, has helped organizations transform boxes and cabinets of documents into digital files that can be easily shared and read.

The advantages of using document scanning services to create PDFs

Organizations should not be wasting valuable resources or time producing, sending and reading through documents. In today’s fast-paced world, any excessive amount of time spent on administrative tasks is likely to set an organization back, particularly if it encounters technological difficulties at any point in the document processing procedures.

This is why so many companies trust their PDF scanning processes with Tab Service Company.

PDF is the ideal file format for any organization. PDF documents are essentially digital, compressed images of hard copies, meaning that they can be easily shared, without taking up too much space.

Given the expansion of smartphones and tablets, it’s also critical that documents are able to be read on more devices than just computers. PDF documents are truly portable, unlike many other file types, which may not translate to different devices. They can also be read on all operating systems.

When a PDF document arrives at its final destination, readability is rarely a problem. Programs that can read PDF file formats are readily available and free to download.

Tab Service Company offers three PDF file format options

After organizations choose Tab Service Company for their document scanning services, we help them determine which PDF format is optimal for their needs.

  1. PDF Formatted Text and Graphics

    After bulk scanning of hard copies is complete, text can be edited and bitmaps are kept for graphical zones. When size is a factor for a particular application, such as when files must be retrieved through the Web, this type of PDF is ideal. The tradeoff is that OCR errors must be manually corrected.

  2. PDF Searchable Image

    Using files that have already been scanned, this format produces an image of the original document, with OCR results hidden beneath the displayed image. This text can be searched, but not edited. When file size and storage requirements are not an issue, this format is most cost-effective, as long as correction of OCR errors is not required.

  3. PDF Image Only

    With this format, an image of the original document, without OCR, is produced. Other than for important information like subjects and keywords, this format is not searchable.

Tab Service Company outperforms other scanning companies

For any document conversion process, including PDF, bulk and survey scanning, Tab Service Company has proven its value to our partners since 1960. As the leading document scanning company in the Chicago area, our reputation and the level of service we provide is incomparable in our industry.