Mailing and Lettershop Services

Mailing and Lettershop Services


Mailing and Lettershop – Getting your message delivered in the mail these days takes careful planning. With rising postage costs and tighter budgets, your company can’t afford any inefficiency in the process.

At Tab Service Company, we have the experience, staff and equipment to get the job done. We are currently in our 53rd year of business and service a national customer base. From educational to financial and manufacturing, we provide business mailing services that are managed to exceed customer expectations.

Our Chicago mailing services team is dedicated to getting the job from your desk to the post office at the lowest cost. Assistance with mail piece design, testing and advice on cost reduction are just some of the professional mailing services we provide standard with any project.

The production level mailing equipment on our floor makes us one of the top mailing service companies in the business. We have selected only the most reliable manufacturers and use factory-trained tech for maintenance and support. High-speed laser and inkjet printing, folding, inserting and pressure seal machines are just some of reasons why you can count on us to meet your mailing deadlines.

If you are looking for a better solution for getting your invoice or billing statements out each month, sending out collection letters or managing a direct mail campaign, give Tab Service Company a call or fill out the contact form to learn more about outsourcing mail services with us. We will work with you to make sure our full service Chicago lettershop meets your needs.

Here are the mailing and lettershop services we provide:

By using professional mailing and list management software, we are capable of processing large files and keeping your mailing lists and marketing databases clean and updated. We maintain a library of conversion software that performs such tasks as gender coding, name parsing, custom selection processing, geocoding, radius selection and more. Our programming staff is capable of developing specialized workflow and list hygiene techniques, providing a truly customized solution.

NCOA List Processing

Postal regulations keep moving toward automation and delivering the mail to the right place the first time. If you want to get discounts for your class of mail, you will need to comply with the 95-day update rule. Using NCOA processing services will get you there and the cost-benefit is clear even at low volumes. It also provides you with more control over your list. You can determine who has moved out of a geographic area and would not be likely to respond to your solicitation or who has moved and left no forwarding address. Keeping return mail down to a minimum is a big step in reducing mailing costs.

Duplicated mail is a sure way to run up your mailing costs and turn off potential customers. From standard household dupe elimination to special retention rules, we can show you how to avoid this scenario and save money in both print production and postage.

Envelope Addressing

Depending on the type of your mailing, a properly prepared and personally addressed envelope will dramatically improve the chance it will be opened.

Pressure Seal Solutions

When used in the right situation, pressure seal mail pieces can deliver a lot at a low cost.  From tax form printing to checks and notifications, we have a solution that will work for you. A secure, tamper-proof piece can carry confidential information right to the recipient at a lower cost than standard window envelopes.

Data Entry/Data Capture of List Information

Getting your mailing list developed or adding to it often involves acquiring some type of hard-copy document and converting it to a digital format. Reward program enrollments, buck slips and other data collection forms can be a valuable source of leads and potential new business. We offer data entry service for small- to large-scale projects and guarantee high accuracy rates.

Laser Personalization

Personalized laser printed letters can go a long way to connecting with current or potential customers. Putting a high-quality document in front of anyone will increase the chances of you being recognized and standing out among the competition. Our design specialists will provide advice on best practices and help get your message across.

Planning a survey or market study mailing takes planning. You want to reach the target, get them to fill out the survey accurately and then return it quickly. We have managed many mail survey projects and can assist you in planning and executing yours.

Postal Rates/Service Guidance

We work with the local Chicago, Illinois support team as well as the NCSC in Memphis, Tennessee to get the right information and stay ahead of a rapidly changing postal service. Making sure the best mailing rate is achieved or taking advantage of business reply mail program discounts will make a difference in your mailing costs.

For jobs that require piece matching or custom stuffing that cannot be automated, our Chicago mailing services offer hand assembly.Mailing and lettershop outsourcing can be a good solution for special marketing and targeted direct mail, allowing you to be creative in your approach.