Document Scanning Services

Document Scanning Services


Document Scanning – Even those businesses with the most regimented manual filing systems understand that filing cabinets, archive boxes, file folders and paper documents are not the most efficient solutions when it comes time to cull through these files to find information. The time investment involved with trying to locate a particular document or file can distract employees from goals that are more central to an organization’s success.

And even if a company attempts to manage their own document conversion and bulk document scanning services in-house, the resources that are required, and the need to constantly upgrade imaging equipment, can be detrimental to an organization’s bottom line.

When organizations want to channel less resources toward document management, without sacrificing quality, they turn to Tab Service Company, a leading document scanning company in operation since 1960.

Whether you have ongoing scanning requirements or you have to convert a large back-file of records, Tab Service Company has the staff and superior document imaging solutions to transform rows upon rows of paper folders in boxes and filing cabinets into fully indexed, searchable and retrievable electronic records. This means no more fumbling through boxes of old, cumbersome files.

Tab Service Company will save you time and space, plus documents that were once hard to find can now be easily located on your desktop, which also means increased productivity and effectiveness throughout your organization.

The proven Tab Service Company process

Overview of the document scanning process - in four steps, by Tab Service Company

Once an organization has committed to utilizing our document and data scanning services, our specialists will begin the process of converting its paper records to digital files. Our process separates us from other document scanning companies. This proven four-step process begins by collecting information about the documents that are to be scanned. Our specialists can then conduct a needs analysis. At this point, our goal is to craft a solution that is tailored to the unique needs of a particular business – we don’t force our clients into a particular mold.

As an example, some clients may want to index and archive a set of documents, while others want more dynamic, ongoing document management services that will allow them to mine data from documents. The document scanning process that is most effective for a client, and does not place a time burden on that organization, is the solution our project managers will seek out.

Next, we prepare and scan the documents using our array of state-of-the-art scanning and imaging equipment. Once documents are processed and indexed, they will become easily accessible and searchable.

Our full suite of start-to-finish document scan services include:

  • Assessment, setup and testing
  • Box and document tracking
  • Wide format scanning – up to 52-inches wide 
  • Document preparation, coding and unitization
  • and-scanning/”>On-Demand Scanning
  • Production and status reporting
  • Shipping and receiving services
  • Quality assurance

Our production document scanning services include:

  • All image formats including TIFF, PDF and JPEG
  • Automated indexing through barcode and OCR
  • Complete scanning services including color and black and white options
  • Full-text OCR indexing
  • Manual indexing with key entry and verification.

Document scanning services designed solely for you...

If you already have a document management system in-house, but need to eliminate the high front-end costs of scanning and indexing, Tab Service Company can provide you with the right approach. The operational efficiencies of our service bureau means saved time and money for your company.

If you are just starting out and have a specific document scanning service project, call us today. We can quickly scan and convert large volumes of documents and send the output directly to your server for immediate access. We will offer alternatives and give you results.

Our unmatched attention-to-detail ensures accurate output for each of our clients. Our reliance on new and emerging document scanner services guarantees that the right tool is always applied correctly. Our track record makes us a leading document scanning company.