1098-T Processing Services

1098-T Processing Services

Comprehensive outsourcing solutions for 1098-T reporting

If your educational institution is looking for the best way to deliver 1098-T’s to students and comply with federal government reporting regulations, our outsourcing services are the solution.

For many schools, 1098-T processing involves consolidating data from multiple systems, keeping up with IRS rules, software issues and variety of other problems that occur each year. Tab Service Company offers a full range of 1098-T services that will ease your technical and administrative burden and enhance your customer service capabilities.

Learn more about our 1098-T reporting services at www.ts1098t.com, including a special demo of our web-based service application for easy tax form 1098-T processing.

Our 1098-T Processing Services Include…

  • Complete printing and mailing services
  • 1098-T delivery to students via e-mail
  • IRS e-filing services
  • Web-Based 1098-T Processing Services

We can provide your school with the latest technology and most cost-effective way to deal with this yearly requirement.

Learn more about TSC1098-T Web Services at www.ts1098t.com.

IRS Approved Vendor

1098-T Printing & Mailing Service

Using high-speed laser printing equipment and secure, pressure seal forms we are able to drive down the cost of traditional 1098-T delivery and pass the savings on to you.

Many different options are available with this method including:

  • custom forms design
  • printing supplemental financial information on tax forms
  • ability to communicate important information to students and parents regarding your school

Electronic 1098-T Delivery

The federal government now allows schools to deliver their 1098-T in an electronic format. Students that opt-in can receive their 1098-T via e-mail and the savings to you can be substantial. HTML or PDF versions of electronic 1098-T forms can be transmitted in a secure encrypted format, reaching recipients quickly.

Web-Based 1098-T Services

From our secure website, school staff members have the ability to view student 1098-T forms and correct or reprint on demand. Correction reporting to the IRS is handled through the system without any additional effort.

Student access to their 1098-T is another great reason for choosing our services. Using a User ID/PIN combination, students can view and print their form online. Designed to reduce telephone inquiries from students and parents, our website also includes clear, concise answers to most questions and valuable links to many other related resources.

You can also learn more about TSC1098-T Web Services at www.ts1098t.com.