Green Intiatives

The ways Tab Service Company stays Green in 2015…

Paper Recycling

Here at Tab Service Company we deal with a lot of paper.

Paper recycling

We take advantage of the paper volume that goes through our hands by making sure it is securely shredded and properly recycled. Each month Tab Service will have 6,000 lbs or 3 tons of paper collected to be shredded and processed offsite. By recycling this volume each month Tab Service Company has accomplished the following equivalents at our eco-friendly data center:

By committing to our data center’s green initiative and recycling 6,000 lbs of paper each month we saved…

  • 51 trees
  • 48.9 barrels of oil
  • 21,000 Gallons of Water
  • 9.9 cubic yards of Landfill space
  • 12,300 K/Wh of electricity (Enough to power an avg. residential home for 421 days)

Electronic Waste Recycling

In an industry where staying updated with all technology is crucial to success and efficacy, Tab Service Company must do away with many electronic production components at our eco-friendly data center each year to make room for the newest technologies. However, a great deal of end-of-life e-wasteelectronics are mismanaged and have become a central concern for health and the environment.

Electronic waste management is an important concern because of its abundance, volatile contents, and spillover into the illegal international waste trade. There are currently 47.4 million computers that are at end of life each year in the United States. Roughly 10.2 million units of these computers are exported annually from the United States to developing countries, including China, India and Pakistan. From here they are shipped to low income areas where they inflect serious public health issues due to crude methods used to harvest precious metals within. For the electronic waste that is kept within the United States only 18 out of 29.4 million units that are disposed are being collected for e-waste recycling.

Here at Tab Service Company, we make sure to hand deliver each item that is at end-of-life and ready to be disposed of to Chicago Surplus Computer; a registered vendor who complies with all federal and state electronic waste laws. Our disposed equipment is not only soundly handled from and environmental standpoint but from a security point-of-view as well. This means that all equipment is wiped clean of any possible data left behind before it is properly dismantled or refurbished for another life.