Enterprise Content Management (ECM)


Enterprise Content Management also known conceptually as cloud storage is an effective document management system that allows a File storage in cloud. 3D computer icon isolated on whitediverse range industries to decrease rent, increase productivity, and enhance data security. With this off-site virtual ECM storage system, Tab Service Company will scan and index your paper files then upload them directly into our cloud Enterprise Content Management system. Now you can access these files on demand from any desktop with username and password credentials. Our ECM storage solutions bolster a wide array of administrative features and security components that produce impeccable levels of reliability.

View ECM Security Feature Questions to help guide your search for a safe electronic content management system.

Electronic Content Management System

  •  Includes 99.9% up-time service level guarantee
  •  Harbors a multi-tenant software structure
  •  24/7 Network security
  • We also offer and-scanning/”>On-Demand Scanning.
  •  Dozens of physical and technical barriers
  •  Encryption capability both during data transmission and storage
  •  Disaster recovery features
  • Separate redundancy located 600 miles away
  • Within 10 seconds all data is synchronized


• Scalable for any size company with incrementally increasing amount of data storage needs.
• Out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft Office; increased compatibility.
• Ideal for storing sensitive information and regulating its accessibility.
• Decrease administrative and IT burdens
• Instant online access to your information
• Multi-user overwrite controls

System Requirements

• Internet explorer 6.0 or higher
• Firefox 1.5 or higher
• Microsoft Windows XP or higher
• 256 MB RAM


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